About the Directors

Darren Weightman

Starting out in 1989 working for a timber importer for 14 years, learning aspects of the trade from sawmilling through to logistics and the buying and selling of all products.

He then moved on to a more specialised role within another timber business where he stayed for another 10 years, where his main duties were the specialised buying of timber for the furniture industry as well as the importation logistics and reselling.

After deciding that now was the right time to spread his wings, in 2013 he and Dave decided to set up Capital Hardwood & Components Ltd.

Dave Bennett

Starting out in furniture manufacturing as a wood machinist in 1983 making flat pack furniture for MFI.

He then moved on to Englender furniture as a wood machinist making a variety of furniture up to 5 star quality for hotels and cruise ships. He ended his time at Englender as a machine shop supervisor.

He then moved to DFS Furniture Lincoln House as the woodmill manager. His time at DFS was one of the proudest moments of his career due to the achievements attained in a short period of time. Under his leadership, production was doubled in under 4 years.

After this, he decided, reluctantly in some ways, to leave and move onto another challenge, learning more about importing timber, kits and feet. He could see the market had a gap for sofa kits and, with his experience, could make major savings for companies and offer them a trustworthy service as part of the package.

In 2013 he took the final step to starting a business with long-time friend, Darren, who has a wealth of timber purchasing experience and is also extremely trusted in the timber trade as a whole.